Serving Trends

The latest food trends are inspiring chefs around the world to create new dishes. How can they be presented to the guest in an interesting, aesthetically pleasing and casual way as a personal statement? Based on intensive trend and market analyses, Bauscher has developed a varied repertoire of serving ideas with professional porcelain. Attractive design paired with durable, functional “Made in Germany“ quality. Exciting trendy articles enrich the playing field on the table. Transform your food ideas into multifaceted moments of indulgence for your guests!

Health in a glass

“Nordic Cuisine” rediscovered the old art of fermentation. Since then it has been enthusiastically adopted in professional food service facilities throughout the world. Preserved and pickled foods open the door to new taste sensations and combinations on plates or canning jars. Kimchi & Co. serve as energetic powerhouses. A win for healthy cuisine.

Oriental Sharing

“Family-style dining” celebrates dining as a relaxed social experience among friends, business associates or family. The sharing trend has now discovered Middle Eastern vegetarian cuisine, including hummus, falafel, and baba ganoush. Appetizing portions casually laid out on small plates, platters and bowls invite you to try, share, and pilfer.

Slow Down

In today‘s bustling world, filter coffee is experiencing a revival: slow-brewed coffee reflects the yearning for deceleration. The gentle brewing of the black pick-me-up is celebrated mindfully like a meditation. Tea lovers also enjoy the ritual of pampering themselves with carefully infused loose leaf tea. Classic pastries such as éclairs are being brought out in a new colorful edition.

The hygge hype from Scandinavia also has followers in the food scene. An absolute must: fresh ingredients. The desire for relaxed simplicity encourages chefs to present offerings with no fuss.