Slow coffee maker gold coloured 0,6 l

Article number 7 51 9001 91 000000
Material Glass
Length 135 mm / 5.31 inch
Width 120 mm / 4.72 inch
Volume 0.6 l / 20.29 floz
Height (1 Piece) 160 mm / 6.3 inch
Weight 380 g
Packaging Unit 1 Pcs.
Dishwasher-safe Suitable for microwave Not oven-safe


Slow brew coffee is a rediscovered ritual. Brewed by hand before the eyes of guests, the coffee from high-quality grounds flows into a delicate glass jug, passing through a stainless steel filter. The filter is available in silver and gold.

Consists of
Suitable for microwave
Not oven-safe
The slow coffee makers of our PLAYGROUND collection are – after removing the filter - suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave, but can not be used in the oven. The filter can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Recommendation: Rinse the filter with cold water after every usage. In case the holes of the filter are blocked, it can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water.