Bamboo steamer 15 cm

Article number 7 43 7601 91 000000
Material Bamboo
Diameter 150 mm / 5.91 inch
Height (1 Piece) 80 mm / 3.15 inch
Weight 218 g
Packaging Unit 6 Pcs.
Not dishwasher-safe Suitable for microwave Not oven-safe


Small bamboo steamers for preparing and presenting international, modern delicacies as well as traditional Asian dishes.

Not dishwasher-safe
Suitable for microwave
Not oven-safe
Bamboo is a natural product, whose shades of colour can vary. All bamboo articles of our PLAYGROUND collection are neither dishwasher-safe nor oven-proof, but are suitable for cooking food and can be used in the microwave. Please clean the bamboo steamer in mild, warm soapy water. To remove food particles use the soft side of a cleaning sponge. Make sure that the bamboo steamer is dried afterwards with a tea towel. Please storage the bamboo steamer in a sun protected place and let it dry completely.

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