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Under the spotlight: the health of your customers

Covid19 - New requirements

The coronavirus, in its current Covid-19 form, presents all out-of-home catering services and facilities with new challenges and extensive hygiene requirements. Even though hotels and restaurants have always played an essential role in maintaining hygiene standards in communal catering, this is even more important during the Covid19 pandemic.

A well-considered hygiene plan is an essential part of infection prevention. Topics such as HACCP-compliant food distribution from the kitchen to customers, suitable tray placement, lids and the use of porcelain as a hygienically-appropriate food carrier take centre stage.

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As a professional porcelain specialist, our primary objective since 1881 has been to provide our customers all over the world with our decades of experience and skills in healthcare, catering, hotels and restaurants. We now want to help you to protect people and make enjoyable moments possible again.

Make use of our expertise - BAUSCHER offers proven, functional items with attractive decoration and perfect compatibility with cloches and lids and thus makes your service easier. The BAUSCHER team and our partners are available at all times to develop solutions to these issues and to transform your individual concepts on site.

Porcelain is
more hygienic

Observing hygiene regulations has always played an extremely important role in hotels, restaurants and large-scale catering establishments. In times of Covid-19 this topic gets even more attention.

Due to the production process and the chemical composition hard porcelain has a virtually scratch and abrasion resistant, completely sealed hygienic surface. In addition the high firing temperature of more than 1.400 °C results in an extremely hard glaze, whose resistance to abrasion is superior to other materials like vitreous china, bone china or stoneware. Hard porcelain tableware is easy to clean and offers thus excellent hygienic properties because of its long lasting very smooth and non-adhesive glaze surface.

In contrast to open porous materials like stoneware for instance, porcelain with its low porosity offers the possibility to remove deposits of germs or bacteria easily and quickly, as they cannot “hide” in pores.

On top of that porcelain’s heat conductivity is low due to its density and mineralogical composition. Neither tempered glass nor metal can store prewarmed heat as long as porcelain. The formation of heat-sensitive viruses is curbed, whereas they would survive longer at lower temperatures.

It is not a coincidence that hard porcelain has always been the material predominantly used in food service, because durability and resistance are not the only characteristics that make hard porcelain the perfect choice for the hospitality industry.

Stay healthy-cover up
The right lid for every occasion: Appealing, hygienic and ensuring safe transport

Whether flat or tall, round or square, colourful or transparent - the high-quality, stable plastic lids from BAUSCHER provide first-class hygienic protection for your meals. They also prevent pre-portioned meals from drying out. This means that nutrional value and taste are maintained.

The versatile lid range forms a functional unit along with the hygienic BAUSCHER porcelain. The customised solutions make it possible for meals to be positioned attractively in a space-saving manner on smaller surfaces and to be carried avoiding spills.

Well-considered features:

  1. Cooling lid: Specially developed cooling device to keep dishes colder for a longer period of time.
  2. Lid with stacking notches respectively spacers: Better air circulation for fast drying after rinsing and stable stacking.
  3. Stackability: Universal plates with lids can also be conveniently stacked on top of each other during transport, making optimal use of the space on the tray.
  4. Lid with structured lid surface. Signs of wear are less visible.

All plastic lids are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Hygienic plastic covers for dishes/bowls

Suitable covers for dishes/bowls Ø 76 - 216 mm

Hygienic plastic covers for plates

Suitable covers für plates Ø 184 - 259 mm

Hygienic plastic covers for mugs/cups

Suitable covers for mugs/cups Ø 76 - 88 mm

Extraordinary situations - individual solutions

Enjoy dining:

During the Covid19 pandemic, the gastronomic experience of customers cannot be overlooked. Making dining enjoyable despite restrictions, coupled with the feeling of hygienic safety, requires a creative approach with existing concepts or the development of new presentation ideas.

The BAUSCHER product line offers a wide range of collections and decorative options.

Anyone who wants to make their own statement can develop their individual design with our design team.

BAUSCHER develops creative solutions for the attractive presentation of foods, which are also easy to use. BAUSCHER represents characteristic functionality, thought out down to the last detail in connection with aesthetic design - Made in Germany.

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We don't just produce and sell extraordinary tabletop solutions for the full range of out-of-home catering. Our customers also value our competent advice and support.

The name BAUSCHER represents superior reliability and the commitment to support our customers with various tasks and requirements. Let's shape the future together – we would be happy to advise you personally.

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