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Food distribution poses a huge logistics challenge. The goal is to develop a perfectly organized process for ensuring that patient meals are always served at the right time at exactly the right temperature in accordance with HACCP standards.

To help you meet this goal, we offer porcelain systems that have already been tested and proven in processes as well as extensive know-how and practical solutions for flexible and effective food distribution processes.

Bauscher project consultants first obtain an overall impression of the conditions at your facility. They then work with you in developing a site-specific concept that noticeably optimizes your day-to-day processes. You benefit from our decades of experience in the hospital and care industry

When we think of porcelain, we think of processes. Your processes

The course must be exactly set for all steps in food distribution during the planning of process flows – for example through determination of the kitchen layout, dishwashing areas, and cold rooms as well as optimal arrangement of individual system elements such as food distribution conveyor belts, food carts, dispensers, and dishwashers.
We already offer our expertise in the planning phase of your food distribution project to ensure effective processes and trouble-free deployment of your system. All steps in modern food distribution must be taken into account – in the kitchen, in the patient areas, in the staff restaurant, and in the public cafeteria.
We support you in your cooking method, be it cook & serve, cook & chill, cook & freeze, or any combination of methods – and, of course, if you just want to optimize the processes in your existing distribution system. On request, we can provide assistance in all project stages from planning, food distribution testing, equipment advice, tendering to start-up.

Example: lunch portioning for about 400 meals on a passive tray system

1. Trays
2. Cutlery (wrapped)
3. Cardholders, patient card
4. Heating and wax core subpart
5. Main meal plate
6. Potatoes, pasta, rice, etc.
7. Salad, dessert (preportioned)
8. Meat, fish, and sauce

9. Set platter (preportioned)
10. Mugs
11. Vegetables
12. Insulating system – subpart for soup
13. Soup bowl
14. Soup
15. Insulating system – upper part for soup
16. Insulating system –upper part for main plate
17. Tray transport trolley