Quality Made in Germany

Diamond may be the hardest material in the world – but hard porcelain comes in second. That’s why hospitals and care facilities rely on Bauscher’s highly durable professional tableware for both passive and active systems. Carefully selected materials and extremely high firing temperatures in one of Europe’s leading production facilities

generate “Bauscher Quality Made in Germany.” This is guaranteed by our quality assurance system in state-of-theart research and testing laboratories. There, all operations from the incoming shipment of certified raw materials to the out-going shipment of the finished porcelain are reliably monitored.

Our best ingredients

Professional porcelain in three different materials: hard porcelain,
Duracream, Noble China

  • Firing temperatures of above 1.400 °C guarantee maximum hardness of porcelain and glaze
  • Durable due to: chip-resistant edges, wear and scratch-resistant glazes
  • Smooth, durable surfaces for maximum hygienic safety
  • Optimal storage of heat
  • Production 100 % “Made in Germany”
  • State-of-the-art research and testing laboratories
  • Highly automated technology
  • Energy-efficient, resource-saving production ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified

Your requirements shape our porcelain

Designers of professional porcelain have to keep several requirements in mind. Their design must be perfectly compatible with the latest systems, satisfy high hygiene standards, and ensure ease of handling. The tableware should also be comfortable for patients to use. In short, ergonomic qualities and hygiene should come together in an attractive package.

Bauscher has been skillfully engineering this interplay between design and function for decades and is now a successful supplier of porcelain systems with a multitude of different collections. Numerous qualitative and functional intellectual property rights, for example for lid holders in coffee pots and teapots, document the outstanding functionality of Bauscher products.

Comprehensive service valued by customers

A complete, first-class service and logistics package awaits you as a Bauscher customer. The Bauscher sales team and our local sales partners are available to assist you personally right from the planning phase. Our experts coordinate their recommendations precisely with the respective conditions at your site.

  • Competent consulting
  • Fast response times
  • Comprehensive collections
  • Long-standing availability for subsequent purchasing
  • Individual decor service
  • High delivery quality and reliability

These services are all backed by qualified employees, state-of-theart production and storage processes, and more than ƒ35 years of experience in professional porcelain. Our high quality standard in all areas has a clear aim: to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Highly automated patterning and logistics center
  • Decoration of up to ten million items per year
  • Flexible, rapid order management through state-of-the-art IT systems
  • Shipment within 48 hours due to fully automated transportation modes and digital processing