Only pay for what's on your plate

Scale clears up large-scale catering operations. Up to now customers paid for the food that they or the kitchen staff portioned out using only their eyes to estimate whether or not the serving size on the plate or bowl was correct. The Bauscher Scale collection optimizes this process in front of and behind the counter through the use of taring. This enables the weights of the servings to be recorded fairly and accurately on the cash register.

The way it works is easy: The tare weights of the various Bauscher porcelain articles are determined. These weights are stored in the program on the cash register. During the payment process, the cash register scale subtracts the weight of the plate from the total weight of the selected food portion to yield the accurate portion weight for charging with one-gram accuracy.

More efficient and cost-effective. Investment in this precision technology also pays off quickly for the operator, who gains more control over food usage. Material consumption is lowered due to the gram-level accuracy of sales and can be planned more exactly in purchasing. The new controllability also decreases the food waste, which increases the ROI.