Powerful – Porcelain for induction systems

To keep food hot or reheat or regenerate food evenly, the traditional material of porcelain is perfectly combined with high tech: a special, optimally adapted silver base coating turns Bauscher articles into capable induction-ready tableware – compatible with all of the usual systems in this field.

Induction has revolutionized the heating of food. Bauscher promptly recognized the potential of this technology and now offers mature porcelain solutions with laboratory-tested quality. The homogeneously coated article undersides generate the ideal heat distribution.

A special topcoat protects the coating from wear and offers hygienic protection. Properly fitting Bauscher porcelain is positioned correctly in the tray with the help of raised rings and held securely, even when transported over uneven surfaces.


Through the application of a high-frequency alternating current to the copper coil in the induction cart /docking station, an alternating electromagnetic field is generated between the coil carrier and the coated porcelain article. The heat thereby generated can be effectively used for heat retention in or reheating or regeneration of foods. Based on the desired heating degree, cold foods can be positioned on the same tray without insulating or other partitions.